Deception-based technology for todays cyber threat challenges

Deception-based cyber security defence enables customers to meet and defeat the threats of advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero day events and other sophisticated malware attacks - deception technology changes the rules of engagement and takes the initiative back from the attackers.

It is well known that motivated cybercriminals eventually defeat perimeter security solutions once they set a target. Once targeted, it is almost impossible to avoid a breach. With deception you are not only prepared to defend against a breach in real-time, you now have the capability to turn the tables on the attackers.


Prepare with Deception

Automatically seed network infrastructure with decoys (traps), intended to lure attackers, protecting valuable assets while alerting security teams as soon as an attempted breach begins.

Automate Traps

TrapX DeceptionGrid automatically fingerprints your network, recommending the amount and variety of traps to best prepare your infrastructure against attacks.



Diversity is Key

Patented emulation technology provides ultimate diversity with minimum footprint. Imitate a large variety of devices with precision including endpoints, servers, infrastructure and IoT devices with a simple mouse click.


Simplicity to Scale

No need to purchase, install and maintain cumbersome operating systems or specialized applications to emulate systems. Do it all from a single instance.



Maximize Detection

DeceptionGrid supports hundreds of traps per virtual appliance, with each trap completely customizable including OS, hostname, and a numerous other options, ensuring greater deception and accurate detection.


Lure the Attacker

Agentless tokens deployed on real users’ workstations deceive attackers into seeing traps as high-value targets, ensuring a higher frequency of interaction.



Automate Incident Response and workflow

The Advanced Incident Response (AIR) platform (included with DeceptionGrid), is a comprehensive endpoint forensic platform, closing the critical loop between detection and remediation, significantly reducing risk and exposure.


TrapX Security is the leader in deception technology. Thier solution rapidly detects, analyzes and defeats new zero-day, targeted attacks, and malicious insiders. DeceptionGrid provides automated, highly accurate insight into malicious activities unseen by other types of cyber defenses.