How do you effectively protect your perimeter against a cyber warfare landscape that is constantly reinventing itself through a continual stream of never-seen-before attack methods and APTs?

To deal with next-generation threats, organisations should look to deploy a next-generation Risk Mitigation defence; one that accurately predicts where your network vulnerabilities are and prioritises remediation efforts with contextual information around the impact of potential breaches to your infrastructure.


 Our Risk Mitigation solution provides the following layered defence:

  1. Understand known vulnerabilities (input from vulnerability scanners and other third-party tools)
  2. Analyse how your network infrastructure is connected and configured, build an up-to-date map of the “battlefield”
  3. Utilise knowledge of 1) & 2) and simulate cyber attacks; think like a hacker, visualise threats from any origin and deliver a “virtual penetration test”
  4. Analyse the results of the simulation and provide remediation recommendations, including ticket generation and workflows
  5. Prioritise remediation recommendations with contextual awareness of your environment; consistently address the most important (riskiest) vulnerabilities first
  6. Use output from Risk Mitigation to continually tune your SOC, thereby reducing ‘noise’ and ensuring staff are highly efficient in remediating incoming threats

This next-generation approach to vulnerability management includes scanless vulnerability assessment techniques to discover vulnerabilities daily, even on traditionally "un-scannable" devices that are usually part of a compliance agenda.

With total network visibility and continuous threat information, our Risk Mitigation solution automatically analyses business risk and prioritises remediation activities within the context of your network, so you can take the best actions in the fastest time to guard against breaches without distraction.