One of the major challenges IT teams everywhere face in deploying new technologies is getting budget sign-off then holding onto the funds assigned



VectisNET look to work closely with our customers to deliver best-fit solutions that return huge value through improved efficiency, stronger branding or revenue-generating activities, the cost of which sometimes isn't achievable from capital outlay, despite the value far outweighing the cost


Many organisations simply don't have the scale of personnel needed to effectively manage network security and turn a reactive defense into a proactive stance that can be the vital ingredient to saving £millions when faced with an inevitable cyber attack - let us help you become safe and secure.




Whether you are looking for a 24x7 proactive service or an 8x5 reactive alert service, VectisNET can work with you to deliver tailored services that fit your bespoke requirements.

If this is the case then ask us about our managed service offering for the solution you are looking at - please be aware that our managed services are usually based around a minimum term contract of three years